Services Provided by The Baldwin Company

Front Office

Our professional office staff is always pleasant and courteous when talking with you about any aspect of an account you have assigned to our office. Aside from the many issues involved during a repossession, they also assist with debtor and transport vehicle releases and do so in a cooperative and friendly manner. Our modern and professional office, combined with the experience and knowledge of our office staff, allows your assignments to be processed in a quick, thorough and efficient manner. Carl, our IT Manager and System Administrator insures technological security throughout our office system.

Field Adjusters

When hiring, The Baldwin Company carefully screens all Field Adjusters and routinely hire those with a military, security or law enforcement background. Our field adjusters are employees and not independent contractors. Each Adjuster is thoroughly trained to handle confrontation issues with your customer, should they arise, in a compassionate and understanding manner. We never forget the The Baldwin Company and our Field Adjusters are representing YOUR COMPANY. Therefore, during the recovery of your vehicle, they will demonstrate a polite demeanor and a professional appearance. Our Field Adjustors are well trained to use our modern Damage-Free equipment to achieve the successful and safe recovery of your vehicle.


The Baldwin Company owns and operates a fleet of state-of-the-art Wheel-Lift trucks designed specifically to eliminate damage to your vehicle. These well-equipped trucks are capable of towing all-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive and front-wheel drive vehicles without damage.

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